World Society, Planetary Natures: our street address


For those of you driving, the address is:  4400 Vestal Parkway East, Binghamton, NY 13902. This will take you to the main gate of Binghamton University where there is an information kiosk. The kiosk worker will tell you how to get to Rafuse dorm building. There is not a separate address for the dorm. There will be a dorm assistant on duty 24 hours.

If you will be taking a taxi, be aware that the taxi service in Binghamton is, well, less than what one might expect. There are often a couple of taxis at the bus depot. (But maybe not in the middle of the night?) There might be one waiting at the airport. I highly recommend that if you plan to take a taxi, call in advance to order a pick up. If you call when you arrive, it will be at least a 20 minute wait, and likely to be twice as long, especially at the airport. Or, you can fill out the shuttle form by noon on Monday (see previous post for link) and we’ll pick you up.

I can recommend Safe Taxi. (607) 760-6012. This is a one person operation and it is best to call in advance. You can let him know that you are willing to share a cab and split the costs with other participants. There is no discount, but it might make things easier and cheaper.

I cannot recommend a particular taxi company, this link will take you to some options:


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