World Society, Planetary Natures Program

UPDATED 8 July, 2015

Center for Technology and Innovation
Binghamton University, Vestal, New York

Thursday, July 9, 2015

9:00               Opening Remarks:

Diana Gildea, Binghamton University

Donald G. Nieman, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost of Binghamton University

Christian Suter, President of the World Society Foundation, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Jason W. Moore, Binghamton University

9:15               Morning Plenary: “Knowing Nature” in Symposium Room

Christian Parenti:  Capitalism, the environment-making state, and the question of ecological limits

Larry Lohmann:  Thermodynamic Energy as Abstract Social Nature: Climate Change as a Labor Issue

Presider:  Jason W. Moore

Time Multipurpose Room 2008E 2008W

Climate & Power

Samuel Day Fassbinder:  Utopian Studies and Climate Change

Marcus Taylor:                    What is the Social Production of Climate (and why does it matter)?

Jonghwa Kwon:  Promising Nature, Precarious Market: Performing Carbon Markets in Korea

Presider: Philip Campanile

Value, Power, & Nature

Jenni Mölkänen:  Land, living and global natural resource economy in the Northeast Madagascar

Roberto José Ortiz:  Ecology, Global Oil Crises and Marx’s Absolute Rent

Elisa Greco:  Value and valuation: a perspective from political economy

Presider: Roberto José Ortiz

New Theoretical Directions: Nature, Capital, and Power

Johannes I. (Hans) Bakker:  The New Political Economy Perspective: The Methodology of Political Economy

Bertrand Guillaume:  An Inquiry into the Philosophy of the Technocene

Ossi I. Ollinaho:  Uneventfulness and relevances

Presider:  Kusharyaningsih “Wiwit” Boediono


Labor. Empire. Nature.

Nora Räthzel:  Trade Unions, Climate Change and the North – South divide

Mariko Frame:  Neoliberalism and Foreign Investment in African Resources: The Highest Stage of Ecological Imperialism?

Markus Kröger:  Spatial Power Relations and Agency: Mining Booms and their Resistance-caused Discontinuations

Presider: Alvin Camba          

Waste, Value, Crisis: World-Ecology and the Limits to Capital

Michelle Yates:  Waste, Immiseration, and the Lure of Profitability in Late Capitalism

Michael Niblett:  Wasting Time: Junk Bodies and Broken Bonds in the Capitalist World-Ecology

Sara Nelson:  Containing environmentalism: Risk and value in the wake of the Exxon Valdez

Presider: Jeremy Vetter

Nature & Power as Flows of Flows

Bikrum Gill:  Can the River Speak? Epistemological Confrontation in the Rise and Fall of the Land Grab

Vignesh Rajkumar:  Agricultural Drought Vulnerability in a Semi Arid River Basin from the Lens of Climate Change

Alejo Kraus-Polk:  Mountains and Rivers without End: The End of “Cheap” Water in California?

Presider: Marcus Taylor


3:00-4:30 Afternoon Plenary:

Kristin Ross:  The Commune-form

Tony Weis:  Ghosts and Things: Animal life in the Capitalocene

Presider:  Jason W. Moore


Friday, July 10, 2015

9:00-10:20 Morning Plenary:

Harriet Friedmann:  Small and Fast, Large and Slow: Rethinking Land and Landscapes

Andrew Ross:  Climate Justice, Then and Now.

Presider:  Jason W. Moore

Time Symposium Room Multipurpose Room BI 2221

Ecologies of Reproduction

Matt Huber:  Social Reproduction and the Ecology of Freedom

Samantha Iyer:  Remembering the Land: American Agriculture and the Politics of Food Stamps

Diana Gildea:  Foodscapes in Crisis: Negotiating Binghamton’s North Side

Presider:          Jennifer Casolo

Catastrophe in the Capitalocene

Robert Drury King:  Agential and Systemic Determinants of Ecocatastrphe in the Capitalocene: Assaying the Future Behavior of Capital’s Crisis-Governance and Its Accumulation Regimes

Justin McBrien:  The Exinction of Capital: A Genealogy of Planetary Catastrophism in the Anthropocene

Damian White:  From Deconstructive to Reconstructive Political Ecology Thinking about Speculative and Post-Apocalytic Futures in the Age of the Anthropocene

Presider: Christian Parenti

World-Ecological Explorations

Jeremy Vetter:  Capitalist Nature and the History of Science

Michael Paye:  From Clearance to Quota: Regional Epic, Periodicity, and the expansion of the capitalist ecological regime in The Silver Darlings and Sylvanus Now

Martin Samson:  A Freitagian perspective on the world-ecological crisis: a crisis of the symbolic?

Presider: Alvin Camba


Mapping, Dispossession, and the State

Zahir Kolia:  Colonization and Nature

Raymond Craib:  Libertarian Enclosures and Opt-out Geographies

Kusharyaningsih “Wiwit” Boediono:  Agricultural Transformation in Sumatra, Indonesia: The impacts of neoliberal globalization on oil palm small-holders, 1965-2015

Presider: Joshua Eichen          

Agrarian Questions in the Capitalist World-Ecology, I

Ashok Kumbamu:  The “Gene Revolution”: The Dynamics of Dispossession and the Metabolic Shift in Indian Agriculture

Jennifer Casolo:  ‘Women Always Pay’: De(bt)velopment, Not-So-Natural Disasters, and Crises of Social Reproduction

Annabel Ipsen:  Manufacturing a Natural Advantage: Capturing Place-based Technology Rents in the Genetically Modified Corn Seed Industry

Presider: Tony Weis


States of Nature/Natures of States

Aaron G. Jakes:  Nationalism Beyond Industrialization: Crisis, Cooperation, and Anti-Colonial Materialisms in Egypt, 1907-1914

Jesse Goldstein:  Seeking order in the Cthulucene: Technology, Innovation and the Entrepreneurial State

Mark Vardy:  The building of the Canadian High Arctic Research Station: A case study of the governance of climate change and globalization in the Arctic

Presider: Benjamin Marley      


Anthropocene or Capitalocene?

Daniel Hartley:  World-Ecology and Culture: Problems of Method

Joshua Eichen:  Race as Organization of Human Nature in the Early Capitalocene

Christopher R. Cox:  Faulty Presuppositions and False Dichotomies: The Problematic Nature of ‘the Anthropocene’

Presider: Michelle Yates

Agrarian Questions in the Capital World-Ecology II

Kerstin Oloff:  Green Revolution and Aesthetics: Gothic, Ecology and De-ruralisation

Ben Marley:  From Ecological Surplus to Surplus Humanity: Agrarian Change in the Long Twentieth Century

Devparna Roy:  Moving Beyond the “Promise or Peril?” Narratives: Crises, Sustainability Considerations, and the Future of Transgenic Seeds

Presider: Ashok Kumbamu

Governing Natures

Kevin Surprise:  Planetary limits, planetary management: The Anthropocene, geoengineering, and the subsumption of the biosphere

Fiona Wilmot:  Mangroves Makyth Man: ecological restoration wags the dog of state

John Havard:  The Anthropocenean Moment

Presider: Alvin Camba


World-Ecology Network organizing meeting, for those who are interested.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

9:00-10:20  Morning Plenary:

Doug Henwood: Ruling class rot and the climate crisis

Sasha Lilley: Crisis, Catastrophism, and the End of Capitalism

Presider:  Jason W. Moore

Time Symposium Room Multipurpose Room 2008E 2008W

The Misadventures of Energy, Capital, & Climate

Jean Philippe Sapinski:  Climate policy-planning, global civil society, and the transnational state apparatus

Simon Pirani:  Global trends in fossil fuel consumption, 1950 to the present

Mark Hudson:  Counting Carbon: Misadventures in making climate change “visible” in finance and insurance.

Presider: Larry Lohmann

21st Century Capitalism: Crisis, Renewal, or Demise?

Alvin A. Camba:  Karl Marx in Beijing: Chinese Capitalism in the 21st Century

Kirk Lawrence:  The Next Three Futures, Revisited: Crises and Solutions in Global Inequality, Ecological Degradation, and a Failed System of Global Governance

Reed Kurtz:  World Politics in Time of the Anthropocene: Towards an Ecological Geopolitical Critique of Capitalist Modernity

Presider: Jay Bolthouse

Property Regimes and Dispossession

Daniela Danna:  Mega-events and the resuscitation of capitalism: the case of Expo 2015 in Milan

Phillip Campanile:  Capital, Civilization, Dispossession: the Making of the Erie Canal, 1807-1837

Elizabeth Havice:  Unsettled sovereignty and the sea: The political ecology of control over highly migratory tuna

Presider: Harriet Friedmann                      

Socio-Ecological Transformations in the Global North

Christopher Sellers:  The Long Shadow of Underdevelopment: Pollution and Politics in Post-WWII Atlanta

Ryan Mead:  Legitimating Landscapes: The Role of Representation in the Production of “Nature”

Khalil Shahyd:  Sustainable Cities through Property Led Development: A 4th Wave of Gentrification

Presider: Diana C. Gildea


Waterways, Agriculture, & Aquaculture

Andrew J Pragacz:  The Valley of Capital: Capitalizing Nature through the Erie Canal

Jessica Lehman:  History at Sea: The Ocean as Planetary Archive

Kristian Saguin:  Fixing Crises, Producing Frontiers, Feeding the World: Framing Ecologies of Global Aquaculture

Presider: Elizabeth Havice

Hegemony & World-Ecology

Nicholas Lawrence:  World-Ecology, Media Ecology, Ecopraxis

Jay Bolthouse:  Should World-Ecology be Gramscian?

Presider: Kerstin Oloff                     

Capitalization of Nature

Peter E. Marchetti:  No Recipes for Transdimensional Crisis: Epistemic Communities and Climate/Energy Policy

Samantha Fox:  Social Reproduction is Ecological Reproduction: Embedded Ecologies and the Making of the Capitalist World-Ecology

Aijaz-ur-Rehman:  Ecological marginality, ethnicity and development_ a siting of the semi-periphery

Presider: Mark Hudson                     

Crises: Time, Life, & Nature

Andrzej W. Nowak:  The End of Cheap Time and World-Ecological Crisis

Kent Mathewson:  Prehistories of the Anthropocene: Small Islands & Biotic Invasives in Global Contexts

Eddie Yuen:  Extinction, Biodiversity and the Capitolocene

Presider: Andrew Pragacz                     


2:45-4:00 Afternoon Plenary:

Jason W. Moore, Paradigm as Project: Vision, Method, and Collaboration in the Making of World-Ecology

Closing Discussion

Presider:  Diana Gildea



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